Typical Rides

So you arrive in the Charente, possibly with your own bikes, looking forward to riding some of the fabulous tracks and chemin that criss cross all of this region. We will start by taking it easy. There is no market in killing off my customers so you set the pace and the itinerary for the week. Rides are paid for one by one so if you’d rather call it a day after two or three outings then by all means take that option. Flexibility is everything.
But, having said that ….
A typical week with I Guide Your Ride, might go something like this.

Day 1. Arrival. Settle into your accommodation. I will come to meet you and if you are using the bikes I supply, we’ll get them ready to fit you.
Day 2. It begins, but gently. An earlyish start, we’ll cover 25 to 35 miles and be back in time for lunch at your base. I will leave you to this, the remainder of the day is all yours.
Day 3. The calm …. Again a morning start, 35 to 55 miles. We will be met for a picnic lunch on the way and be back by mid to late afternoon. This ride is undulating and not very technical at all.
Day 4. The punch …. This ride will take in the bumps and hits of Le Blond, a hilly area East of Confolens. Some of this is loose, steep and wobbly but nothing a cross country mountain biker can’t handle. For a downhiller with Red Bull for blood this might be a yawn. It suits me though, I need no broken bones. About 55 miles, with lunch at the halfway point once more.
Day 5. Rest. Eat drink and get ready for the morrow ….
Day 6. The kick in the head …. This one is hard work and involves being taken 65 miles away and riding home, once more stopping for well deserved food on the way. An early start and a probably, late finish. Your beer will be sheer nectar, suppertime will pass in a blur and your bed will never feel so soft, the prizes for a day well spent.
Day 7. Unless you can stay longer, see you next time!