Well the new bike has arrived

So here we are, the new toy.

I went to Intersport in St. Junien to order the Merida Big Nine Limited, they had a 30% discount, bringing the price down to a comfortable 1050€.

They didn’t have one my size! And they had run out of stock at Intersport big cheese house and everywhere else I could find them they were too expensive.

But … there’s bound to be a but considering my first sentence … just arrived in the shop was another Merida, the Big Nine Six, weighing in at a mean 11.98 kilos instead of 11.79 for the Limited. And, it occurred to me, the 1500€ original price for the Limited was all about the paint job, since the spec is the same. Very snazzy in several bright greens but I can live without looking as though my bike is a grasshopper.

Just look at that 50 tooth rear cassette gear (30 on the chain ring). Climbing should be easy … well, a bit.

I have other plans to make it lighter, like a different chain, probably hollow pin and tubeless tyres. Possibly lighter cranks if I can afford them. That’s about it for lightening the bike itself, I’m going to lose a little more myself and I can buy less beefy shoes.

How does it ride? Well it goes up hills like somebody else is doing the work and that suits me very well.

The adventure is on the move!